Improve Tenant Experience

Allow tenants to self-manage their employees access to the base building, parking garage and other access points. No more waiting days for a manually provisioned card!

Save Time and Money

Empowering tenants to add and remove users saves property teams hundreds of hours per year, reducing the time and cost associated with access control.

Increase Security

No longer wait months to remove your tenant’s former employees. Self-service and automated user controls ensures only the right people have access to your building.

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All in One Network makes it easier to access your office securely. Not only do we eliminate keys for your employees, we help you maintain security control over who has access to each area of your premises. With fewer interruptions for everyone, it all adds up to a positive work experience.

  • Card Access
  • Keypads
  • Proximity Readers
  • Biometrics
  • Door Release Mechanisms
  • Magnetic Locks
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Modern Access Control

Cloud-Based, Secure by Design, Reduce upgrade and implementation costs

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